Representing Manufacturers of Electronic Components used in Power and related applications for over 30 years.
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After many years working in Manufacturing, Alan Armstrong went to work as a Rep covering Connecticut, Upstate NY and the Bronx NY for "Janco Technologies", a New Jersey based firm. Alan became very successful as he developed his sales and management systems before reaching an agreement to “buy out” the CT territory and grow into all of New England. In 1990 Alan, along with his wife Kathy, founded our Rep firm as "Janco New England".
As of 1/1/2019, Power Component Sales, LLC was fully transitioned to the new ownership group:

     Russell Nee, President/CEO – 32 years of service

     Michael Belden, Vice President – 24 years of service

     Michael Murphy, Distribution Manager - 20 years of service

     Tammy Gow, Office Manager – 26 years of service

     Tamra Retallic, Administrative Manager – 23 years of service

We are a small company and all of us wear multiple hats. The LLC members, along with our 4 additional employees all contribute to the daily sales effort.
As the second generation ownership, PowerComp follows the tradition of being a well organized Manufacturer's Rep Firm with a continued focus on selling components in power and related areas. We are stronger than ever and look forward to the next 30 years of growth, improvement and success in New England, Upstate NY and beyond.
 Upon establishing ourselves as a known New England firm, we later changed our name to Power Component Sales, Inc. For nearly 25 years the firm grew in size and reputation with the leadership and organizational commitment of Alan and Kathy, as well as the hard work of PowerComp’s dedicated employees.
Because Alan and Kathy have always believed a Rep Firm is only as valuable as its people, in 2014 we reincorporated as an LLC, bringing 5 long time employees into a newly formed owner membership group. This was the beginning of Alan and Kathy’s 5-year plan to transition the company to the members and move into retirement.